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Balkan DotA League Season 4

Balkan DotA League Season 4 brings about some new changes mentioning the usage of a new Dota client named Darer. Sign-ups are already open. In the last part, end of Season 3 will be highlighted.

As of yesterday, sign-ups for Balkan DotA League Season 4 have started. The deadline for sign-ups has not been determined yet so if you are interested in signing-up, follow the link and instructions right [Here]

Season 4 Changes

1. Balkan DotA League is shifting towards a new DotA client, Darer which in turn embodies a global gaming community. The two major assets the new client provides are automated hostbots, which will facilitate hosting procedures and a reconnection tool, which will allow players to rejoin the game in case of disconnections.

Balkan DotA League's official channel on Darer is BDL, which can be accessed by typing /channel BDL

2. Format of the league structure will be the same as last season, keeping the divisions system except this season, the league is anticipating a higher number of registrations, which would allow divisions up to five. More details on how the teams will be distributed across divisions is available on Balkan DotA League website.

3. Innovations pertaining to Balkan DotA League's website follow the integration of the league's own Replay Center where all BDL replays will be made available. In addition, BDL introduces weekly interviews where less known teams from the Balkan peninsula will get the chance to express themselves, hence raising public awareness.

Winners of Season 3

A brief recap of Season 3, in the finals Macedonian team Global Challengers met with Czech/Slovakian team Storm Games Clan. In a best of five games, GC came with a 1:0 advantage from the winner's bracket. In spite of GC's impressive start by winning the next game for a 2:0 lead, SGC came back beating GC three games in a row. It is certainly an impressive performance by SGC which found itself several times on the brink of elimination. Congratulation to Balkan DotA League Season 3 winners!

Balkan DotA League Season 3 Winners
1st Place
Slovakia SGC

2nd Place
Macedonia GC

3rd Place
Serbia 25cm

Balkan League - Season 4
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