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Lazarus Gaming disbanded

Recent days have witnessed really sad events for professional StarCraft 2. After team Praetoriani closed its roster after two of their top players joined other organizations, yet another team ceases to exist.

Noah Lazarus, the owner of team "Lazarus Gaming", has disbanded the roster, saying that he no longer has the time to manage the organization. Although not among the tier 1 North American teams, LG was the home of many popular figures like PainUser, Zelniq, InKa and the YouTube commentator HDStarCraft, and so its death is indeed an unfortunate event.

Lazarus Gaming SC2 roster
United States PainUser
United States Zelniq
United States InKa
United States Agh
United States HDStarCraft
United States Response
United States Shew
United States Syckness

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