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Blizzard and KeSPA come to an agreement


One of the harshest IP rights war in the eSPORTS world is finally over. Blizzard Entertainment has come to terms with the Korean eSPORTS Association concerning the broadcasting of StarCraft games.

Blizzard, OnGameNet and MBC Game (the medias broadcasting KeSPA-affiliated BroodWar games) have finally settled their dispute. The TV channels will now be officially licensed by Blizzard to broadcast StarCraft matches by paying the Anaheim company an annual license fee.

The fight over the intellectual property rights seems to be coming to a close.The dispute between Blizzard and Kespa will be settled amicably as of now, and a license contract will be signed shortly.
The scheduled court date on the 13th has been delayed, the reason being the three parties, ongamenet,mbcgame, and Blizzard coming to an agreement.

Three parties are currently discussing the terms for a brighter future of e-sports in Korea. Ongament, and MBCgame will be at liberty to produce and sell starcraft contents, and open starcraft tournaments.
Both tv networks have agreed to give exposure to blizzard with the logo, and the license fee will be given to Blizzard each year, the fee is unspecified at this time.

This is a huge relief for all StarCraft fans who were concerned with the future of their favorite game in the Mecca of eSPORTS. We are yet to see what the KeSPA politics towards StarCraft 2 will be.

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