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NightEnd join team Fnatic

After Thorzain's recruitment by mousesports, TSL 3 becomes the reason for yet another team change. This time, the point of attention is the Romanian protoss Silviu "NightEnd" Lazar.

Team Praetoriani loses yet another of their top players as Silviu "NightEnd" Lazar finds a new home at Fnatic.MSI, who state that the reason for recruiting him is "his talents in the TSL 3 tournament". Silviu qualified for TSL 3 by winning TSL Open 14 with 3:2 over Morrow. NightEnd will have a strong team behind his back, consisting of players of the calibre of SEn, TT1, Fenix and KawaiiRice.

NightEnd Wrote:
I’m thrilled that I’m going to join probably one of the best teams in the world if not the best and I’m looking forward to playing my first matches under FnaticMSI banner. I always wanted to join a world class team and now I am happy that I am here, a member of the FnaticMSI team and I’ll do my best to win as many tournaments as possible for my team.

Fnatic SC2 roster
Taiwan SEn
Canada TT1
United States KawaiiRice
Canada IefNaij
United States Gretorp
Peru Fenix
Romania NightEnd

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