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HDStarcraft World Tournament Advances to Quarterfinals

Tyler is the only remaining American, as top European players eliminate North American Protoss in three of four matches.
After having several all-stars knocked out in the first round - including IdrA and SeleCT - the American contingent in the HDStarcraft World Tournament finds itself on the verge of total elimination. Four North American Protoss advanced from the round of sixteen to meet four international players in the quarterfinals. Of the four, only Tyler "LiquidTyler" Wasieleski remains in competition for a semifinal slot; to earn it, he must overcome Taiwanese star Yang "Sen" Chia Cheng. The other Americans, EGiNControL, EGAxSlav, and coLCruncher, were each defeated 2-1 in close series with mTwDIMAGA, aTnSocke and mouzStrelok respectively. Results are available below.

The HDStarcraft World Tournament is a single elimination, replay-casted event organized by none other than popular youtube caster HDStarcraft, and sports an impressive $1,750 USD in prizes. VoDs can be found on his youtube channel, and full bracket for the event is available here.

HD World Tournament Results
United States iNControL1:2Ukraine DIMAGA
Germany Socke2:1United States AxSlav
Ukraine Strelok2:1United States Cruncher
Taiwan Sen0:0 United States Tyler

A release date for United States Tyler vs. Taiwan Sen has not been set, but HD notes that he will cast and upload the VoDs as soon as they are available.

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