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MYM Champions League updates

After a month of intense fights between the world's best, MYM Champions League first season will determine its first crown holder in a couple of days. Let us see which players withstood the test of time.

The top of the rank is none other than one of MYM's finest players, Playmate. Placing second with just a small amount of point difference is GGnet's team captain, Puppey. Followed by Kliff who managed to maintain a good win-loss ratio. On the bottom we have two American players, namely 1437 and Fear. We will see in the remaining days if tides will turnaround for our challengers.

MYM CL Rankings
1Denmark Playmate1,57985-49
2Estonia Puppey1,52515-3
3Russia Kliff1,51220-7
4Croatia Mitch1,45563-43
5Sweden Wagamama1,43713-4
6Germany Kev1,43521-8
7Ukraine Mag1,43229-14
8Czech Republic craNich1,36613-4
9United States 14371,36125-16
10United States Fear1,33442-42

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