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Jaedong the Winningest Player in KeSPA History

As of April 27th with his win against Saint in the ProLeague, Lee Jaedong has become the winningest player in KeSPA's history.

With a total of 376 wins, Jaedong has become the winningest player in KeSPA history, surpassing NaDa's previous record of 375 wins. Jaedong completes the feat having played only 551 official matches with a 68.2% win rate. With 376 wins, he may even be the first to reach 400 wins as the second active-winningest player is Flash who is currently at 343 wins.

There are also currently 2 other active players who have over 300 official match wins under KeSPA, they are Stork and Bisu. Jaedong is also set to make a new record of 200 wins in the ProLeague with one more win.

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