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Interview with Wagama from Druidz

Recently the ZOWIE Nordic Battle finished off with a grand final between the swedes from team Druidz versus the danes from Nordic-eSport. As the tournament concluded Druidz came out victorious and the guys over at Excello.net made a short interview Wagama.

Hello Wagama! Do you mind introducing yourself as a start?

Well, my name is Niklas and I'm a 22 year old guy with a competetive mindset. Right now working as massagetheurapist, studying, doing sports and playing dota is really all I can handle at once.

How long have you guys been playing together?

Some of us have been playing together for over 1½ years, we´ve really gotten close over time and share a great friendship.

Congratulations on winning 1st place in Excello DotA Nordic Cup! It has been great seing DRz battleing out there! How do you feel about the tournament, what is your oppinion about organisation and teams which participated in?

Thanks! First of all I know we didn't keep the intended schedule, I'm glad that no admin started bitching about that. It's been hard with many leagues/tours taking place at once to keep up the pace. I think it was a fun tour, well organised and was happy to face NE in the finals.

Are you satisfied with the xlo admins work, about the game scheduling and the organisation itself?

As I mentioned in the previous question, I'm glad no admins gave us a hassle about stuff and that there were no disputes (afaik).

Let`s put a coment on your semi final and final games. What do you think about EC team which you defeated in the semi final game?

EMOCORE.DOTA! <3 Well I can only wish them good luck and keep practicing, the swedish scene could use some more up-and-coming teams.

Finals were surely a big challenge, playing vs NE at their full strenght! How did you manage to win? Can we make a quick analyse of the game?

NE has punished us before and we were determined not to let them do so again, they didn't seem to be at the peak of their performance tonight, but more importantly we´ve been having quite a good month and have really much fun while we play right now. Having fun while playing is important! I believe the most important mistake on their part was the picks though.

To read the full interview with Wagama follow the link below.

Excello.net - Interview Source

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