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Tri-lane guide by Dotally Rad's Peachz and Moon

Another guide from Dotally Rad dot Com's Peachz and Moon, this time on how to set up and execute a proper tri-lane strategy.

Following their excellent guides on soloing mid and warding, the DRD duo have released the next installment in their video series. This episode covers tri-laning, which, as Peachz states, "has become the norm for high-level competitive play."

If you've played at the higher MMR levels, you are no doubt already familiar with tri-laning. In the current meta-game, there are few strategies as effective as the 3-1-1 lane setup.

However, tri-laning will continue to trickle down into the lower MMR levels as more and more players discover its effectiveness. If you are a 1500 MMR support player, and a 1650 MMR player suggests that your team tri-lanes, you should be prepared to do so, given the proper hero line-up and team cooperation. This video shows you how.

Peachz and Moon do a great job of outlining the different roles that make up a tri-lane. They cover the key aspects of tri-laning in regards to six categories: position, warding, judgment, role, coordination, and map awareness.

Another thing to consider when tri-laning is your hero's skill build and item build. As a support hero, skills that help your carry farm non-stop become more of a priority, and auras and AoE spells become a lot more powerful. As a carry, you see a huge boost in experience and gold income, and rushing for an Alchemist Bones or Runed Axe is a common result.

Look for more video guides coming up from Peachymoonz!

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