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HawK wins Texas Open, ZpuX 4th

ZpuX. Photo by: Richard Sodachanhs

TeSPA Texas Open #2 Results
Semi Final
Sweden GGZpuX1-3United States vileHawk
United States TriMaster3-2United States binski
Bronze Final
Sweden GGZpuX2-3United States binski
Grand Final
United States vileHawk4-2United States TriMaster
It was in the second installment of the Texas Open, hosted by the Texas e-Sports Association that Team GosuGamers player Tobias "ZpuX" Nilsson ended up in fourth place.

The Swedish Zerg lost to the eventual champion Devan "Hawk" Subramaniam in the semi final, and was unable to clinch third place despite taking two games in a row (game 2 and 3) in the bronze final series against binski.

- "I'm not that happy about the turnout of the tournament, even if the event itself was really nice," says ZpuX when we grab him on the early Tuesday in Austin, Texas.

Tell us about the semi final against Hawk.

- I kinda scewed up the first game, I suddenly felt like going all-in that almost won me the game, but it was so unnecessary since I wasn't behind in the game or so. In the second game I lose an early overlord and get overrun by 26 speedlings," says ZpuX.

- "I then win the third game and feel like I'm the better player - that the first two losses were just crap losses. But then he 7-pools me on a long distance map, and I thought that I'd fend it off completely-- until I realize I only had 4 zerglings against his 6. So it appears I only had two larvae when my pool finished, which was very clumsy of me."

- "As for the bronze match, I won the first two straight up, but then I lost the following two to a 2-rax expo 2-factory blue-flamed hellion, something I've never seen before," says ZpuX. "And in the last game I was so tired, and I totally overreacted on his 1 reaper."

Other than the disappointing matches, how did you like the event?

- "It was really fun. I played in the Collegiate StarLeague with them during the fall, and went to a couple of their meetings. I also played in the first installment. They're really great guys."

Final placings
1. United States vileHawk - $500
2. United States TriMaster - $320
3. United States binski - $200
4. Sweden ZpuX - $160
5. United States xiExO - $110
6. United States Axel - $90
7. United States Sixto - $70
8. United States tkOhmboy - $50

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