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Protoss 4gate to be Addressed in next Patch - Blizzard Blue

In a response to a thread regarding the Protoss versus Protoss match up, a blue post by a Blizzard community manager has made it clear that the Protoss 4gate will be addressed in the next patch. Below is the post.

Kapeselus, a community manager at the Battle.net forums in Europe, recently posted a tidbit of information in regards to the current balances of the Protoss 4gate. "While strong, 4gate is a lesser problem in other matchups, but we recognize that PvP is a different story," writes Kapeselus. Protoss versus Protoss match ups have seen a rise of negative responses from observers and players alike.

Many Zerg and Terran players have asked that the 4gate be given a nerf, but Kapeselus explains that "just throwing a nerf at at warpgates would make protoss weak in early game." A solution they have considered is increasing the warpgate research while lowering gateway unit build times of Protoss tier 1-1.5 units. He cites this as one of the possible solutions that the Blizzard balance team is currently working on, but he does make one thing clear: they will address 4gate in the next patch.

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