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DotA Master Tournament 2011 - Day 1

Disciples of the Chinese way have all reason to celebrate, given the start of the first bigger offline tournament in 2011. The top eight of the country gathered to deliver action on the highest level and grab parts of the converted €4.000 prize pool.

Ten out of the 14 matches were played on this first tournament day; two rounds in the loser bracket, as well as the winner bracket- and grand final are yet to follow tomorrow.

Until now, only four replays were made public, whose quality smoothly manages to compensate for the incomplete filebase and unconsistent streams.

DotA Master Tournament 2011 - Day 1
Winner Bracket Round 1Winner Bracket Round 1
China LGDChina CCMChina DKChina EHOME
Batrider YYF
Lich God830
Venomancer Stephy
Clockwerk ChuaN
Morphling Zhou
Storm Spirit 430____
Vengeful Spirit SanSheng
Slayer xiao8.
Windrunner ddc
Nerubian Weaver Burninggg
Vengeful Spirit iReborn-R
Necro'lic CrowKalasi
Storm Spirit YaphetS
Clockwerk PLT
Venomancer 0o0
Demon Witch X~~
Morphling ZYT
Crystal Maiden ZZL
LGD starts out, as the more aggressive team, initiating a lot of ganks as five, while CCM focused on split pushing the lanes, in order to give their aggressive carries a farm advantage. Check out who wins and why!One of the most awaited games, not only since the DMT match ups were drawn. Burning and KingJ finally get to meet their old team mates, after the long transfer period. This game features a lot of action and a nice performance by 'the one and only'.
Winner Bracket Semi FinalLoser Bracket Round 1
China CCMChina EHOMEChina LGDChina DK
Nerubian Weaver xiao8.
Demon Witch 430____
Necrolyte Zhou
Necro'lic SanSheng
Vengeful Spirit ddc
Morphling ZYT
Crystal Maiden ZZL
Slayer 0o0
Clockwerk X~~
Batrider PLT
Lich God830
Clockwerk YYF
Gorgon ZSMJ
Vengeful Spirit Stephy
Windrunner ChuaN
Shadow Fiend YaphetS
Priestess of the Moon Burninggg
Necro'lic iReborn-R
A match up that is very likely to reappear in the Grand Final, given the convincing performances by both teams. This replay turned out to be the most onesided in the list however. CCM kept the distance close, while EHOME consistanly demolished towers and opened chances.As both teams found themselves at risk to drop out of the tournament, the game was dominated by patient and cautious plays. Given the fearsomely farmed carries on both sides, one death could mean the end. Check out why the winning team pulled it off in this 76 minute marathon.

EHOME will play TyLoo at 04:30 CET tomorrow in the Winner Bracket Final, whereas LGD faces CCM at 05:30 CET in round three of the Loser Bracket.

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