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ESL Sennheiser Cup #10

Once again with a Saturday approaching us, we look forward to another Sennheiser Cup by ESL. So far, 9 have been played with results that were expected and a few that quite a few people.

Previous Sennheiser Winners
#1Ukraine Dimaga 3-1 Slider Poland
#2Ukraine White-Ra 3-0 Goody Germany
#3Spain Vortix 3-0 Welmu Finland
#4Portugal sYz 3-1 Roll Russia
#5Russia BratOK 3-2 Kas Ukraine
#6Germany GoOdy 3-1 Strelok Ukraine
#7Finland Satiini 3-0 StarEagle Italy
#8Romania NightEnD 3-0 Kas Ukraine
#9Italy ClouD 3-2 Nerchio Poland

If you want to take part in these weekly tournaments, head over to the ESL page below to join. Each Saturday the winner recieves 100 Euros and qualifies for the finals which will be played at Gamescon in August with 2000 going to the victor.

The action all starts at 8:00am EST or 14:00 CET and will be broadcasted live by Vincere and Micro (of our casting team).

Sennheiser Cup #10 - Sign up here

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