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Mondragon on why he will never live and compete in Korea: 'Ridiculous'


In a user Q&A session, MeetYourMakers German Zerg Christoph "Mondragon" Semke player explains why he will never go to Korea to live there and compete in the GSL.

- "They have one ‘huge’ tournament and nothing else. If you want to have fun and earn money, you should stay in Europe or in the USA to attend many LANs and play all the online tournaments that are offered," says Mondragon.

- "I am not a fan of being a pro gamer, that sits 8 hours (or more) in front of a PC getting told by a coach what, who, how and when to play. This is ridiculous and completely nonsense," said Mondragon.

Semke also talk about his former Brood War partner-in-crime Nick "Testie" Perentesis. Having practiced with the Protoss player prior to TSL, Mondragon says his Canadian friend is in quite decent shape though he still needs some time to get the skill he wants.

- "Give him the necessary time and hopefully we will see Testie back in action together with Mondragon," he said, thus hinting for a comeback for Testie in MeetYourMakers.

Mondragon also made sure to kill off the rumours of him not playing StarCraft 2 upon release.

- "I just did not participate in tournaments because I did not always have the time for it. That's why people assumed I did not play just because I was not in the spotlight."

- "I don’t need to be in the spotlight to make my marks. Skill is not earned by being in the spotlight each day. The only thing you gain by being in the spotlight is recognition and attention, not skill," said Mondragon.

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