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20:00: Play in GosuGamers $105 Poker League Freeroll #9


We have two freerolls left in the third season of our GosuGamers $105 USD Poker League. Make sure to sign up and climb the league leaderboard to be in the money.

The freeroll kicks off as usual at 20:00 CET, and you can check in for the tournament already at 19:00 CET.

What: 10 freerolls over the course of 10 days tracking cumulative points from top 20% of each freeroll's finishers

Why: $105 cash and prizes, while having fun and improving your game for free

Where: BetMost Poker (part of the largest poker network - iPoker)

Who: Any member who has a Gosugamers.net tracked BetMost Poker account.

How: After establishing your Gosugamers.net tracked BetMost Poker account, enter your BetMost username HERE so your results will be included on the leaderboard when you finish in the top 20% of finishers.

GosuGamers.net Poker League #3 Leaderboard
Last updated: April 12

GosuGamers.net Freeroll Poker League #3
Event NamePoker RoomDate
GosuGamers.net League Freeroll #1BetMostPokerBelarus cruzaider
GosuGamers.net League Freeroll #2BetMostPokerUkraine dew_magic
GosuGamers.net League Freeroll #3BetMostPokerUkraine xom9ik
GosuGamers.net League Freeroll #4BetMostPokerGreece FibiCe3
GosuGamers.net League Freeroll #5BetMostPokerPortugal Modnar
GosuGamers.net League Freeroll #6BetMostPokerUkraine dew_magic
GosuGamers.net League Freeroll #7BetMostPokerSpain furi4
GosuGamers.net League Freeroll #8BetMostPokerTBA
GosuGamers.net League Freeroll #9BetMostPokerApril 14 20:00 CET
GosuGamers.net League Freeroll #10BetMostPokerApril 15 20:00 CET

1. $50 or copy of StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty
2. $25 or copy of Heroes of Newerth
3. $15
4. $10
5. $5

All prizes can be exchanged for Heroes of Newerth goblin coins. $1 = 60 coins.

Leaderboard stats:
  • Each freeroll has its own leaderboard, and points are awarded to top 20%
  • Each player adds 5 points to the total pool to each freeroll
  • Stats should be updated within 36 hours of each event completion
  • It is not required to play each freeroll to compete
  • Prizes are awarded based on the League Leaderboard at series' conclusion
  • Top five will win cash or prizes

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