North American GrandMasters League is Live!

General Bryan “Micro” Wood

After originally hearing about this concept back at Blizzcon, the time is finally come for the top 200 of North America to be able to show themselves off.

This will be updated as more players get added to it, please keep balance discussion out of this post.

North America Grand Masters League
Protoss Terran Zerg Random
United States EGiNcontroLCanada NrGddeSerbia NrGostojiyUnited States dayvie
Other rSLagLovahUnited States GGlastshadowOther TOPOther SuperMenke
United States LGReSpOnSeUnited States NadagastOther REQDarkCellOther Socery
Canada ROOTKiWiKaKiOther vVvNGryOther xNJakeBakeOther LaTeGaMe
Canada ROOTDdoRoOther SterlingOther MormonstangOther tQorGETSLAMT
United States ONEGatoredOther binskiOther xiLostOther raynguy
United States VTFutureOther tQWannaBeOther wzp
Canada xSixAzideOther FlawlessKaluOther Metgyl
Other DeezerOther SteihlOther Skinky
United States xSixArcanneUnited States NamhciRUnited States xSixMystik
Other RevShaDowOther dchenOther AmandiGMMA
Canada FXOOpTiKzErOPanama NrGCocoAOther daisuki
United States PerfectSouth Korea dSeleCTCanada sPsBlade
Other tOwhOmCanada ONEbLuRCanada LagTTJEcho
Canada VtdesRowCanada ONEKyholOther xObAnGoO
Other DreamOther REQPhiliBiRDUnited States FXOSheth
Canada CombatEXOther byMGoonOther TaurosPKM
Other SwitchbladeSouth Korea MakerOther WarlockX
Other ClosingTimEMexico sixjaxTerranCanada ROOTslush
Other FingoOther tGensulitorOther owmygroin
Other cityUnited States BazCanada coLFireZerg
Other sPsKookiezOther PitUnited States MasterAsia
Other iMpBoonrebUOther EsturLizzumaOther noxn
Other FriskyUnited States ONELinkoOther AiProClan
United States LGAghOther vileDomorinFrance MoMaN
Other xiExoUnited States FnaticMSIKRSweden Magulina
Other xiSlurgiUnited States VTPokebunnyNetherlands LiquidRet
Other RockErPeru FnaticFenixOther DalaiLameR
Other cSOnamuUnited States vVvMurderOther VTZerker
Other TheoRyUnited States VTaviloOther Mathematics
Other DynamesUnited States LGPainUserOther Suppy
Argentina CapochOther LuckyFoolSouth Korea NrGHumble
Other HnROther ForeverCanada coLRyze
Other FkcXionSOther RebliAustralia FXOtgun
Germany aTnSockeUnited States VTSpadesUnited States LGZelniq
China NrGCheeseOther SerapisXPnUnited States sixjaxViBE
Other REMOther tQyUseCCUnited States EGStrifeCro
Other HoneyBadgerOther EverizeOther Xog
United States shinyAOther LiquidWaterOther vileHawk
Other FaYDeSouth Korea FXOmOoNanOther Bio
Other aLeJOther ObsoleteManOther ButteryLlama
Other VTFlowUkraine mouzStrelokOther sPstoddman
United States DREAMAtteroOther TriMasterOther oDiN
Other NyDGMMAOther arcMSIdethOther vileDeathRow
Other KarlsteinerOther PasildanOther xSixMkengyn
Australia AzzUnited States CheckSiXBoOOther arcMSIEdgE
Other CloudCanada NOVAstalifeOther FabIntegral
Other ValiditySAGAOther REQchbeUBCUnited States VTgiX
United States coLCrunCherOther xiWardenOther Ikki
Canada FnaticMSiTT1Other iRealEyesUnited States ROOTBubba
Canada NrGsteveOther Broom
United States KatariOther vileSpanshwa
United States EGiNkAOther lkjewq
Other tGKangpo
Other EverPGosH
United States LiquidTyler
Other nLPotiguar
Other MoMooMo
Canada coLAntimage
Other NagaSeaWitch
United States ROOTMinigun
Other Jaden
Other Nineteen
United States coLrsvp
Other Flashback
Other Zark
Other ppgBubbles
Other ONEwbc
Canada IefNaij
Other RaNgeD
Other ExoticA
Other Faster
Other iNsDaedalus
Other Insur
Other tQState
United States EGAxslav
Total per race
Protoss Terran Zerg Random