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Farm 4 Fame 3.4 Qualifiers Announced

Dota-League has announced the start of the qualifiers for Farm 4 Fame 3.4. 16 teams have been invited to battle it out for a slot in the latest edition of the tournament, and with lots of new and skilled teams competing against familiar ones, the qualifier is set to be a must-watch event.

With F4F 3.2 finals yet to be played, and with the 3.3 tournament brackets yet to be filled, we now have the F4F 3.4 qualifiers queued up in this entertainment package.

F4F 3.4 Qualifiers Teams
Germany Bier 123Serbia euphoria)
Europe diXiFinland Golden Spoon
France Divine of DotAPoland inFamous
Serbia Electronic SaharaSlovakia iNfernity Gaming
Germany nfinityEurope No Friends
Russia SharksEurope RaiVa`MTM
Europe Team AGermany Soul Gaming
Serbia 25cmMoldova Team Rush
Dota-League has also announced a change in map version. Henceforth, the 6.71b map will be the tournament standard. In addition, Farm 4 Fame will now be played on Ranked Gaming Client, as Dota-League believes this to be a better client for running the tournament due, to its reconnection, save and load features. Dota-League has also requested players to update to the new 1.26 patch to play the in the tournament, as all the above features have been thoroughly tested on the new Warcraft III patch.

Current Rankings
Na`Vi, MYM and Druidz have comfortably placed themselves in the first, second and third places for now. Following them are Browned Potatoes, GosuGamers, GC and DTS. who make way for the rest of the teams that fill up the leaderboards.

Team Na`Vi, who won the 3.1 edition finals, are waiting to take on MYM in the 3.2 finals. Stay tuned for this epic match-up, which will be shoutcasted live by Tobi Wan Kenobi!

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