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MC against MorroW in Stockholm Invitational opening


Sweden's Zerg player MorroW will take on Korea's Protoss MC in the opening round of the DreamHack Sapphire AMD Championship Stockholm Invitational.

DreamHack just announced the full brackets and the whole event schedule for next week's DreamHack Stockholm Invitational. The star-studded event will have MC take on MorroW in the first round. We will also see IdrA take on TLO, HuK play BoxeR and Jinro play White-Ra.

Event schedule

Schedule and match-ups:
14:00 – Event door opens
14:20 – Arena opens
14:40 – Live show starts
15:00 – Match 1: Round of 8 (BO3): MC vs. MorroW
15:30 – Fan meeting with HuK, BoxeR, Jinro & White-Ra
16:00 – Match 2: Round of 8 (BO3): IdrA vs. TLO
17:00 – Match 3: Round of 8 (BO3): HuK vs. BoxeR
17:30 – Fan meeting with MC, MorroW, IdrA & TLO
18:00 – Match 4: Round of 8 (BO3): Jinro vs. White-Ra
19:00 – Match 5: Semfinal #1 (BO3)
20:00 – Match 6: Semfinal #2 (BO3)
21:00 – Match 7: Grand Final (BO5)
22:45 – Prize ceremony


GosuGamers will be on spot bringing you all the video interviews, photos and results from the event.

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