M5.Garaj proud winner of OSPL Spring

General Ulrich “KongoTime” Hanten

Despite losing DTS.Chatrix as their employer shortly before the OSPL finals started, the Russian veterans showed neither weakness nor any signs of discomfort and marched through the competition in a decisive manner. Having suffered only one loss against Na´Vi in game two of the semi final, M5.Garaj developed an edge over their opponents in all matches and crowned themselves OSPL Spring champions.

It seemed that Dread, NS and co wanted to make a statement after being left with no financial support and the journey to Almaty highly endangered. Despite falling short to Na`Vi, GGnet and MYM in both Pick League and the Intel Challenge finals, the Russians were never out of the game, beating their Ukrainian counterparts in the Gosucup 3 semi final as well as the OSPL playoffs.

This year’s spring finals will go down in history as more ill-fated event however. Having sent out invitations to all European and selected Chinese powerhouses and offering a location with reasonable travel times for both continents, in addition to a huge prize pool, only two top tier teams made their way to the gaming center in return. If it further wasn't for the spontaneous help of M5, supporting Garaj to the event and given the visa issues of MYM right at their arrival, the scenario of Na`Vi appearing as the only top tier representative, was more than likely to happen.

Well covered were the OSPL spring finals organization-wise however. WTV and Russian livestreams were provided and the administration was in close touch with the community portals.

The top tier teams performed as expected and marched through their groups convincingly. Worth mentioning were the performances of the only Kyrghizian attender Viper, who not only won against Stalcats q.oNe in the groupstage, but managed to make their way into the grand final with recognizable performances as well. As the bracket disallowed an epic clash of the arguably most skilled Na`Vi and M5 in the finals, the last match of the event delivered an expected outcome.

Adding the match times from both games together, the Russians needed less than one hour to seal the series today. These performances earned M5.Garaj
$9150 and good reference for a possible prospective engagement with a sponsor. Viper took $4600 and Na`Vi $2300, after defeating Rush in the third place decider.

We can only hope that more top tier teams will appear in upcoming offline events, most namely ASUS Spring.

GosuGamers - OSPL Spring Replays
picasaweb.google.com - Picture source