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GGnet crowned Pick League Champions

GGnet squared off against MYM in a best of three in the Pick League Division XIV Grand Finals. GGnet emerges victorious claming the champions title with a 2-1 win over MYM.

It took over two months, and a test of strength, skill and patience, to crown the best team in Europe. Pick League gave us a lot of winners, newsmakers and, of course, a lot of entertainment.

Recap of the season
The Russian team The Retry dominated the beginning of the season decimating big names like MYM, LOST.Eu (Now known as Browned Potatoes) and eyes.Int. Seppo13 also lived up to their reputation and showed us some innovative strategies and hero picks. The start of the season also proved that teams always have new tricks up their sleeve.

Within the duration of this Pick League, we saw huge changes in the teams that participated. One of the biggest pieces of news during the season was, of course, the acquisition of New World Order by GosuGamers, thus forming GGnet, a team led by Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov. Another important occurrence was LOST.Eu's loss of sponsorship, and subsequent forming of team BP. We also saw Magical Gaming and TeG forfeiting their matches.

In the end, only three teams stood the test of time. The Russian powerhouse DTS Chatrix (now Garaj) suffered two losses after the departure of ArtStyle and Dendi, though they went on to win the rest of their matches. Those two losses however would prove very costly against nearly flawless run by the eventual first and second place teams. During the entire competition, MYM only lost against TR, during the latter's dominating streak, while GGnet only lost to MYM.

The Battle of the giants
Tonight was the clash between two of Europe's strongest and most stable teams, the ones that had the most successful runs in Pick League. GGnet and MYM battled it out in a best of 3 Grand Final at 19:05 CET.

Final Standings
PlacingTeam NamePrize Money
Europe GosuGamers € 600
Denmark Meet Your Makers € 400
Russia Garaj (Ex-DTS) € 300
GGnet, having lost momentum due to their losses against MYM and Na'Vi in the recent ICS and F4F events, proved, yet again, that they deserve to be rated as one of the very the best teams in Europe. GGnet were crowned the Pick League champions thanks to an epic comeback, claiming 2 quick wins against game 1 winner MYM.

Below, is a summary of the games for people who missed it live.

PLXIV Grand Final - Game Summary

Game 1 GGnet got off to a good start, claiming early towers and KuroKy farming a quick 5 minute BoT with Tinker. GGnet were controlled heavily by great ganks from MYM which allowed Spectre carry them to victory.

Game 2: MYM's Night Stalker and co. were not enough to stop the early push coming from the GGnet's top lane. GGnet got some great team fights thanks to great co-ordination, which allowed them a grand mid-push to victory.

Game 3: MYM's surprise pick Brood Mother couldn't stand up to the might of the Nerubian Weaver and the Doctor in the bot lane. GGnet were able to pull of some great counter-initiations with Silencer that helped them bring down the mid and top towers. MYM lost the final clash, and gave the GG call, crowning GGnet champions of the Pick League.

KuroKy's statement on today's win:

We are very glad to win our first championship as GGnet. MYM played very well, but today we prevailed. Special thanks to klif for being our stand-in, as Azen had an emergency and had to go. I wanna thank all our supporters, it's much appreciated. GGnet fighting.

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