New Maps Added to GSTL Map Pool

General Roy “Phantom” Kwan
Three new maps have been added to the Global StarCraft 2 Team League. They are: (2)Dual Sight, (3)Xel'Naga Fortress, and (4)Typhon Peaks.

A total of nine maps will be available for play in the upcoming GSTL season. Shakuras Plateau and Scrap Station were removed from the pool to make way for three new maps. Below are pictures of the new maps.

(2)Dual Sight - by LSPrime

(3)Xel'Naga Fortress - by JackyPrime

(4)Typhon Peaks - by Blizzard

Here is the current map pool:
(2)Crossfire SE
(2)Xel’Naga Caverns
(2)Dual Site
(3)Xel’Naga Fortress
(4)Terminus RE
(4)Tal’Darim Altar
(4)Typhon Peaks

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Roy “Phantom” Kwan