Massive HoN promotion event in China

General Wei Shen “S_SienZ” Ong

Picture from SGamer

It was announced a while back that SGamer had obtained distribution rights for the localized chinese version of Heroes of Newerth. After a lot of anticipation, a massive event in collaboration with multiple chinese gaming sites such as, duowan and 17173 has officially kicked off yesterday.

Prior to this event, trial keys (for Int. HoN) have been reportedly distributed. This time, it's the real deal as free permanent accounts will be given out. The event details for the various sites involved vary minimally and involve 2 phases:

Phase 1: Obtaining the account

Forum events were held on most the aforementioned sites, where account-winning hopefuls would have to either come up with their most creative HoN slogan or propaganda, while variations of the event include in-game screenshots in the 1st post, with participants coming up with the best captions.

Phase 2: Incentive to play

The progress of all distributed accounts will be monitored for a week. By the end of the event, the 5 accounts with the highest PSRs will be invited to team up against a yet to be identified all-star team in an exhibition match.

Although it's a great 1st step for promotional purposes in a massive potential market, this event's involvement with the international HoN client raises some questions: Is this merely to increase exposure of HoN in China before the launch of a Chinese client? Or is the possibility of a massive playerbase influx along with more Asian servers looming on the horizon? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for updates.

SGamer - Source