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FailMicro, a team with players mostly from Lebanon, has just joined the gaming orginisation, Unique-eSports. GosuGamers conducted an interview with its Team Captain Asuna.

FailMicro, now Unique, is a rising team which has participated in several prominent competitions such as Dota Intel Challenge, Farm4Fame, Argh League and Anubia. According to an interesting interview by MYM not so long ago, FailMicro got its name from the funny occurrence where players "failmicro" sometimes because of path blocking and such, and so FailMicro. Moreover, the team (2nd FM) was founded by BABARRR, massive and Snoop, who were then joined by ET/Swush and Asuna. FailMicro now known as Unique has the following roster:

Unique Current Roster:
Bosnia and Herzegovina (Manager)
Lebanon Asuna (Team Captain)
Serbia T-o-x-i
Lebanon Snoop
Lebanon ET/Swush
Lebanon massive
Romania aodh

GosuGamers got the chance to interview Unique|Asuna on the team's recent developments:

Hi Asuna, captain of Unique-eSports Dota team. First of all, could you tell us why the team change? Did Unique-eSports contact you?
-"Hi, well they were looking to sponsor a team in the DotA scene, and we knew they were a great organization, so we kinda accepted on the spot."

Do you see Unique-eSports as a step forward for your team?
-"We, as a team set out a goal, to keep moving forward until we reach the caliber of top teams in Europe, its a long way to go, there are many things in the way to overcome, but as long as we keep training, I believe we will reach our goal. Unique sports is of course a step towards assisting us online as well; it fascilitates our game by providing a much needed hostbot for delay-free games."

What are the DotA competitions Unique are currently in or plans to attend in the future?
-"Well, we are going to play the new season of Argh league division 1, division 2b Pick-League is almost over, there's also excello tournament on the way, as well as ICS and farm4fame. We are basically taking part in most of the tournaments/leagues available to play in."

Great, well I know that Unique current DotA team is made up of mostly Lebanese players, so I was wondering if you could tell us more about the Dota scene in Lebanon.
-"DotA is a popular game along with Counterstrike, Call of Duty, and Command & Conquer Generals. The number of Dota players I've heard is about at least 2000. There are many teams, or I prefer to call mixes that participate in tournaments from time to time; about 15 teams I presume and there's actually an 8,000-13,000$ tournament coming up."

Can you tell us a bit more about that?
-"It is kind of unique of its kind: basically its not a team sign up, but a player sign up. Players are labeled into 3 levels according to skill level. Level 1 player is better than level 2 which is better than level 3. Level 1 player gets teamd up with two random level 2 players and two random level 3 players according to a shuffle. The level 1 player has to lead his team into winning the tournament which is over 9 months at a LAN. The tournament will consists of about 120-200 players, depending on how many players register. The entrance fee is a one time $30 and the player gets to play in the LAN for free for his tournament matches."

I've heard there is a quite popular player named BABARRR in your team. Is it possible to know a bit more on the origin of his nickname?
-"Well, it all started with GosuGamers readers spamming a pic of an elephant in every news topic/replay. It was a funny image, so he took the name and he shined with it for his dazzle solo as most would associate him with, he usually plays solo/carry, sometimes supports when needed."

Well to end, maybe a statement on your new team tag Unique?
-"I would like to thank Unique-eSports for giving us this opportunity, and we will do our best to achieve good results."

Thanks very much for the interview. Any shoutouts?
-"Shoutout goes to pro1like, caki, kyrri, snailherd_213, botanika, slitcrawler, crush3d, and fdxcosx."

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