Heart of the Swarm to Have Separate Ladder

General Roy “Phantom” Kwan
In an interview with games.on.net, Dustin Browder has revealed that Heart of the Swarm expansion will have its own ladder for any player upgrading to the expansion.

As with its previous RTS titles, Blizzard's StarCraft 2 will have ladders created for each of its expansions. Dustin Browder recently told games.on.net that as with previous RTS expansions, a new ladder will be created for the Heart of the Swarm. Although there will be a separate ladder for HotS, players will still be able to play the Wings of Liberty ladder without having, 'to deal with new units or balance problems or anything like that,' said Browder.

This will most likely mean that at the end of StarCraft 2's final expansion, there will be a total of three separate ladders for the game. Legacy of the Void is the second expansion for StarCraft 2, there is currently very little information on this expansion.

Dustin also stated that there are plans to release a bunch of new maps for the multiplayer experience that will address a lot of issues that fans have raised with the current map pool. These maps, he said, will hopefully be added within the next few weeks.

Other topics the interview touched on were on StarCraft 2 mod maps. Browder elaborated on the origins of the maps Aiur Chef and StarJeweled. Blizzard DotA was also discussed. 'We’re definitely trying to streamline it, but we’re also definitely trying to make it as competitive, or even more competitive,' says Dustin Browder.

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Roy “Phantom” Kwan