Softarea Gaming DotA League launched

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
Its kiddoq's turn again, after the LOST leagues replaced the formerly biggest DotA gaming project EEDL in the European high level communities. With the launch of his new institution, shortly called SAG, the young Romanian has all eyes on him.

1. Place - $250
2. Place - $150
3. Place - $100
Season I
Start: 2011-02-13
End: 2011-03-31
Denmark ThePlaymatE
Russia Pgg
Germany SaM-
Denmark Angel
The new website is already live, alongside the announcement of anew season, featuring the best players from all around Europe. The administration further managed to accumulate the impressive amount of $500 for the best three players after 45 days, starting now. All hostbots of the league are located in Germany and the United Kingdom and will guarantee stable games. The registration system goes through invite system and vouch team request only; in case external players are relly good, they must support the #softareagaming IRC channel on Quakenet.

Several experienced administrators and vouchers can be found in the new team. The staff is currently 14 members big, including the head admin kiddoq himself as well as CEO Cristian "Xps" Ciutacu de Rothschild and sponsor Cem "lemme" T, who already assembled pgg, ThePlaymatE, Angel and SaM as prominent vouchers. We got word, that player base will range at a number of about 500, including the best of the best.

All games will be played on the leagues IRC channel #sfg.dota. As a good part of all prospective replays, will be wearing the name "SFG" on GosuGamers, we want to wish administration good luck with their project and wait for some nice games.

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