TobiWan joins major Australian esports portal

General Ulrich “KongoTime” Hanten
Already spread via hinklings in his previous shows, the rumor has now become official. Community effort award winner TobiWanKenobi is from now on part of, building up a new broadcast section.

This at the same time means end of a chapter for his previous domicile, from which the dedicated caster did his work.

The new

The view of Toby Dawsons new place however, indemnifies for everything thats been there before. While supplies the Australian community from PC and console with ladders, leagues, forums, file librarys and galleries since 2007 already, the new media section is just in the building phase. The setup of the mothership however, already gives an idea of what is soon to follow.

What can be seen as of the moment are TV streams; 3 by number and a fresh forum, all packaged in a very appealing design. The forum also contains a thread for cast requests, which will be checked regularly.

Acquired a taste for the new project and want to find out more? Continue reading for an interview with the man of the hour, TobiWanKenobi:

Toby a few hours after it became official. Do you feel sad to leave your home wanstop after spending a lot of past time there, or is the motivation for the new engagement superior?
Wanstop was nice to have, especially after my fall out with gamestah. But it was not something that I wanted to get too attached, as what I wanted to achieve, I could not do myself out of Wanstop. I will of course miss the old gal ;)
The new portal seems to involve more than just you and DotA. where will the people find you in this new empire?
This site was actually made seperate to the rest of, so is just the new broadcast part of it. The CGTV timetable will also show people who is casting.
For how long has DotA been an actual part of cybergamer; when did the site decide to look into the game?
DotA has been at CG for about 3 years now, but not too seriously as the Australian scene has never really been strong enough and as I also said at Wanstop, this is a production place; a facility for casters.
So this is basically the first more serious step into the business?
Yes, this is a step that Cybergamer is taking to help developing the coverage of the eSports scene. The portal has been around for a very long time and currently houses the majority of the Australian community.
Wow, there is also an implemented chat, which you can enter via login
Yea, this is the raw site as well; there are still many features to be added.

Can you mention what that implies? For now its just the TV station and a forum. What are the things, people should look forward to, by the time the portal progresses.
The current projects include:
- A VOD library, which will be easily sorted by gametypes and casters involved
-Content for Multiple games from Multiple Casters
-A functionality that will be continuosly reviewed to make the site more friendly to all users.
And of course will we will be reading all the feedback from the viewers of cybergamertv to see what they want.

That all sounds very promising.
It is. I just want to make sure people know that this isn't just my site. It's is a resource for shoutcasters, which I am basically a test dummy for; work out the kinks and then support all coverage of eSports. The aim is too keep the quality level high as well, so not every joe blow caster will have access to the site. All listeners are ensured to get a good level of commentary!

I'm sure it's gonna be good. You were your own boss at wanstop. Do you have less freedom in any aspect, now that you work at a bigger project?
I still have all the freedoms I had at wanstop, it was the most important thing when creating cybergamer tv to give up and coming shoutcasters the freedom that I desired while having the support and resources required to produce the best possible commentary
You have knowledge in so many games, now being part of a platform for not just DotA, how will the relations between your casts be. How much of your time will go to DotA?
DOTA will always be my main game and I specifically plan on dedicating the majority of my time to DOTA 2 when it comes out. Of course like most people I play multiple games, and enjoy shoutcasting things like Starcraft and HoN and Call of Duty, but DOTA for me is my main focus.
Then we'll see you fresh as always in your studio; thanks for your time and good luck. any last words for you fans?
Thank you to everyone who watched me over the years, and was stuck with me. Hopefully you will enjoy what will be an awesome resource for the community, and sorry for the move of my house (website) again. From Gamestah to Wanstop to DotAcast to Wanstop and now CybergamerTV; it has been one hell of a ride. And even then, I think this is only the beginning, with DOTA 2 on the near horizon anything is possible.

The first show in the new home, goes live in less than 24 hours for the first match of ROCCAT DotA GosuCup groupstage between Team GG and EnDs.

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