Dendi speaks out

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 22 January 2011 14:09
Na`Vi, the new home ground for the best Ukrainian DotA players, was eager to catch updates from their newest roster addition, after the christmas holidays and conducted an interview.

Not only reveals the talented 21-year-old detailed information about the players of Na`Vi DotA and the mood in the team, he also shares his experiences from China at the WDC. When he was asked about his most remembering tournament and the reasons for it, Dendi answered:
WDC was the most remembering for me! Chinese fans, organization, size, staginess and so on.
I liked everything except food and smell in some places. The mentality is different there, much better then our people have (my impressions). We were giving autographs on the very first day and lot of people took photos with us. We had a feeling that these crowd of fans would never end - more and more fans were coming. We liked it a lot, noone refused to give a photo or an authgraph even when we were in hurry or tired.
Throughout the conversation, he also tries to explain his departure from DTS:
When Ivan (ArtStyle-; Editors Note) left DTS it was very difficult to me to play there, mentally. Now I feel relieved.
The talking point v1lat came also up; an acquintance who accompanied Dendi for many years in his previous teams, reaching back to the times at Wolk3r
v1lat is a little bit lazy and likes to do everything in the very last minute. But he has been always doing his job and I'm very grateful for him for all he made for us. He's doing a lot for DotA-community now too. I'd say that he's one of few people who are promoting DotA in CIS. I had much positive moments with v1lat: trips and so on. He was always around and helpful. He managed all non-game related stuff. It was sorry for me to leave him.
His final words, include a call to his fans, delivering them his appreciation:
When I changed DTS for Na`Vi I noticed that I got less fans in Europe and CIS rather then haters. But if my fans are not hiding under the rock, I want to thank them for their support. There is no progress without support
All this and much more can be read at the source link, so dont hesitate to head over and start reading.

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