Official HoN League Announced, the "HoN Super Series" Opening Soon

General Alex “Gemmanite” Bianchi

"Coming this February...prepare for something new..."

An epic teaser video announces the first international league for Heroes of Newerth, the HoN Super Series. This new league is being kicked off with an opening cup, and prizes worth over 10.000 € in cash and hardware!

The HoN Super Series is hosted by, in cooperation with S2 Games, Kaspersky Lab, Mad Catz, Raptor Gaming, and PNY Technologies, as well as and That makes this an official S2-sanctioned HoN league with great prizes and the best live-casting coverage there is.

Here's a look at the prize pool for the opening cup:

- 2.500 € Cash
- 10x Cyborg Mouse, R.A.T. 7 (70 €)
- 10x Cyborg V3 Mouse-Pad V. 3 (20 €)
- 5x Raptor Gaming H3 USB - Headset - 7.1-Kanal (75 €)
- 5x Raptor Gaming K3 Keyboard
- 5x Raptor Gaming LK1
- 5x Kaspersky Internet Security 2011
- 10x PNY Technologies DDR 3 RAM

This event will be open to all teams who want to participate. Results from this opening tournament will then determine each team's placement in the main leagues. (So far, we know that there will be a Premier Division and an Amateur Division.) I'd expect most of the top teams to sign up, but it's also a prime opportunity for unknown teams to compete and make a name for themselves. Registration has begun, and more information has been promised in the coming weeks!

Links - Official site of the HSS - Teaser video
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