Interview with GGZpuX: 'welcomed as a celebrity...'

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 02 January 2011 22:45

The second pillar of Team GosuGamers is the Swedish Zerg player Tobias "ZpuX" Nilsson. We can today present to you an interview with him, where we cover all things about the signing and the current state of the game. Enjoy!

Tobias "ZpuX" Nilsson - GosuGamers SC2 team player

Photo by: Jimmie "poGDI" Österberg
Hey ZpuX! It's awesome to have you here today. How psyched are you to join up on our first professional StarCraft 2 team?

- It feels really good and I am happy to get the chance to right from the start work with people who really do believe in me as well as to help build something from the ground!

What sparked your interest to team up with GosuGamers? What do you think the future has in stall for the team and yourself?

There are three main pillars when building a team like this. A good organization backing the team, which GosuGamers has shown to be over and over again. Then you really need to have a friendly relationship with the admins and the players, which is why I am very happy with having Mattias on the team as well as being on very good grounds with a lot of the people in the crew! The last thing I would like to mention is the potential, I feel Gosugames have a big potential to attract sponsors and give proper publicity to it's players to help build their trademarks.

How does it feel to team up with your former team mate and friend Naugrim?

I am really happy he also chose to join up with team GG. We played so many games back in Brood War, and he is one of the players I have the most respect for and once he gets his A game going he will be one of the absolutely best out there.

You were a long-time Protoss player in Brood War. You tried Protoss during the early beta, but then moved over to Zerg. How come you fell for the Swarm instead of your Protoss brethren?

- There are two main reasons, I dislike all-in styles which was the only way to play PvZ back in the early beta. Secondly I didn't feel the same management style that I am used to and zerg did just fit my way of thinking and playing way better than protoss.

How would you describe your play style?

- Very management and macro oriented. I feel confident in longer games, but at the same time I have to become less one dimensional in my play, a big flaw I have to work with.

What do you think of the current balance in the game?

- It is okay, I feel the better player will win more often than not, there are a few minor things that I hope will be changed, but I think Blizzard is already working on those!

Tell us something about Naugrim that we might not know!

- He is one of the most absent minded people I know, but his concentration and his mechanics are incredible, I dont know how he does it. Also, He was probably the most underrated BW players the last 3 years. His timing with tournaments and form curve didn't really match as well as a few minor things but he was truly a contender to the best foreigner for a long time.

You had great success in the beta period, ending Top 3 in many online cups. You then moved to USA and haven't showed that much activity. Tell us about what's happening in your life right now!

- I'll be going back to USA the 12th of January, so as of right now seeing as many friends as possible back here at home before I leave again and try to get in a few games in preparation for the upcoming tournaments!

Your latest offline event, MLG Dallas, saw you take an early exit, losing against Nadagast. What happened?

I actually just started playing again two weeks prior to Dallas, after having a break for 12 weeks without a single game. But I still felt confident I would do very well in the tournament, and as I had never heard of Nadagst before, nor did I check his stats I didn't really know what to expect. But I heard he was a former WoW player and we were joking with each other before the game that we should go easy on each other because we didn't feel confident at all. Well turned out he was pretty good. First game I held off his first few units and thought it would be smooth sailing, but I wasn't able to hold my second expo, and when I realized what was happening I saw him already having the gold and I just left the game. I won the second on LT, and then lost a quick game on steppes. We played in the LB as well, we actually got the exact same computers and starting map was xel naga caverns again, but like before I lost first game, won second, and then lost close pos on LT.

What can the ZpuX and GosuGamers fans expect out of this with you teaming up with us in 2011?

Well the first half of the year I will try to focus on the American scene. Try to attend as many local tournaments as possible in Texas and if I do good enough I will probably show up at the MLG tournaments as well! I will then be back home again in time for Dreamhack and I am confident Sweden will be sending players for WCG this year if SC2 is added to the official game list!

Any word for your fans out there?

Thanks for all the support! Especially the people I have met in Austin, I thought I was a no name but I was almost welcomed as a celebrity when I met up with the SC2 community!


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