syndereN presents: Shift

General Ulrich “KongoTime” Hanten
By joining the channel #shift.DotA with the topic, "Roster: syndereN, AngeL, miGGel, Ryze, Blaze", on our IRC client earlier today, we got curious of what’s going on with the recently announced TBA. The captain himself took a few minutes off his time after their win against US in the Intel Challenge, to share some information about Denmark’s newest DotA top team.

syndereN, congratz to your win against US; how does it feel to be in a team again, competing in events again?
Thanks! It's great - I enjoy playing competitively, and I'm really happy we gathered this all-Danish team. I feel like we have a good mixture of players, and I'm looking forward to seeing how we'll fare in the further matches of Intel Challenge SuperCup, F4F3 and GosuCup #3!

Did you miss playing DotA in your time after the disbandment of OK, or was shoutcasting a proper activity in the intermission.
I never really left the game, I was just not playing with any team for some time. I wasn't only shoutcasting, I also played inhouse games and funwars along with a couple of standin games for NWO, and eventually contacted AngeL and miGGel to hear if they would be up for starting something new. Luckily they were, and I'm very happy with the result. *smiles*

I see; was it still hard to work yourself back into the competitive matter, in terms of map awareness, microing, team coordination?
I don't see myself 'working my way back to former strength', rather than trying to improve with every game. For team coordination, any newly started team has a phase they need to go through in which especially the timing and faith in each other improves. I think especially this coordination has improved a lot since we started out playing as a new team, while there is still room for improvement, of course.

How far do you think are you away from the current top teams and what does it take to get there?
It's hard to say, I'll let our future games against top teams explain that. Those games will provide the most precise answer!

We will look forward to it. How did you end up with your current name; any special story behind it, or did you choose it, just as the cool title that it is.
We had been brainstorming ideas for some time without really finding any name that we all liked and wanted. Eventually I got this idea, and I don't know where it came from - ideas are often like that :p. Shift has several meanings, and it is not referring to the button on the keyboard, but rather this:

I see, What do you want to achieve with the team, did you set any placings, you want to end up in the next events?
We haven't set any specific goals, but I think we have the potential to go far. As said, future games against top teams will show how we stand right now. I cannot really give you any "expected" placing for tournaments, but like any"

Is shift temporary, or planned for a longer period?
We have no intentions of changing this roster, so you can hardly call it temporary. *smiles*

Alright thanks a lot for the statement; you are now free to drop shoutouts, unedited and uncut!
Shoutout to Bi0nut, Ziink, eatenfish, MaXiMuS-MoE, Bluechicken and Stupidstars. And of course a merry Christmas and happy New Year to everyone out there!
Denmark shift Players: syndereN, AngeL, miGGel, blazic, Ryze