Players for GOMTV Global StarCraft 2 League Code A

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 15 December 2010 16:16

Jos "ret" de Kroon and eleven more players have qualified for the upcoming GOMTV Global StarCraft 2 League Code A tournament. This after a 21-man stalemate after the first three Opens.

The Dutchman just barely made it out of his group, winning only two games. Only due to having defeated ZeNEXFreeSaGa in a game on Scrap Station, ret advanced to the tournament.

The WarCraft 3 virtuoso Jang "Moon" Jae Ho went 5-1 in Group C, losing only to Terran player ZeNEXtaeJa.

All Code A players will go at it in a 32-man tournament, where the top eight will qualify for the relegation round. Ranks 9-16 will remain in the Code A tournament, while rank 17-32 will have to re-qualify in preliminary rounds.

The relegation round will consist of the bottom 16 players from Code S and the top 8 from Code A. These 24 will go at it in a group stage with eight groups of three. Two Code S players and one Code A player will be paired up for each group. The third placed Code S player will take on the Code A player in a direct Code S qualification match. The loser of the mentioned match will take on the fourth placed Code S player where the winner qualifies for Code S.

This season's Code A consists of 30 Koreans, one Chinese player (Loner) and one Netherlands player (ret). All in all, 13 Terrans, 10 Protoss and 9 Zergs.

GOMTV Global StarCraft 2 League Code A players
TankboyPrime.WE ST_BoggieBoy
BitByBitPrime.WE ST_July
Loner.WE (China) LotzePrime.WE
oGsTOP BabyByeBye
ReXZandarke Bleach
cOreZenith NEXLine
JSLZenith TSL_GuineaPig
oGsCezanne ButterflyEffectZenith
Aya FOXLyn
BanbansZenith IMJunwi
ST_Ace Gilja
aLivefOu LiquidRet (Netherlands)
NewDawn sCfOu
TeriuSfOu oGsLittleBoy
FOXMoon IMPippi
ST.August SlayerSGolden

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