Welcome to the Darkmoon Faire outside WoW!

General Eresea “Eresea” -
The Darkmoon Faire lets the community share its goodies even outside of World of Warcraft now through fortune telling and quizzes.

Through the years the Darkmoon faire has given the players oppertunities to win special items like the Darkmoon faire decks, schematics for engineering and necklaces. Now it has decided that not only will we be able to share its fun in-game but also outside World of Warcraft.

The community is now able to have fun with the Darkmoon faire through fortune telling and quizzes as well as image and video contests.

Are you not sure if you are playing the right class for you? Or are you just looking for some fortune telling?

The Darkmoon faire lets you do a quiz where you first choose what faction you belong to then it asks you 10 different questions which you need to answer whatever response fits you best. When you have done so, it then gives you the answer of which class it thinks you should be playing.

If you're not interested in knowing what class would fit you best, or if you already think you know, maybe some fortune telling would help you on the way. You will get a deck of Darkmoon-tarot cards of which you need to pick 3 different cards and it then gives you your forture telling.

By doing the quiz, fortune telling game and "liking" (for Facebook) videos and pictures, you help your faction in unlocking new prizes on the site.

Image contest

To win the sweet prizes you have to contribute by spreading the word about Azeroth's impending doom. To do this, all you have to do is enter the Cataclysm Print Ad Contest! You can make Flyers that you can spread around in Orgrimmar or Stormwind, or you can pitch a product or service to the scared refugees who are looking for shelter in the towns. When entering the contest you will have to follow some rules posted by Blizzard. You can enter the contest here. Clicking the "Image contest" link, you can also look at the entries already submitted by the community. Last date to submit your entry is November 23, 2010.

Video contest

Just like the Image contest, the video contest has rules that Blizzard would like you to follow. You will have to enter the competition by making a video with your publin service announcement. Create your masterpiece, make your own YouTube channel where you post your video then send the link to the competition here, and you're all done and ready to win some prizes! Last date for submitting your entry is November 23, 2010.


The winning artwork, ads, videos and commercials will win prizes such as laptops, PC's, headsets, mousepads and sunglasses from NVIDIA, Creative labs and Steelseries.

So hurry up and submit those awesome videos and artworks and enjoy the sweet prizes when you win!

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