TorcH Recruited to Korean Pro Team Startale

General Roy “Phantom” Kwan
Trevor 'TorcH' Housten who qualified for the Ro64 in GSL Open S1, has now officially found himself a team in the Korean pro team Startale. TorcH becomes the first foreigner to join a Korean pro team since the release of StarCraft 2. is reporting that TorcH has indeed finally found a team in Korea with Startale. Startale is a professional Korean team that includes the likes of Golden Mouse holder, JulyZerg and second place GSL Open S1 finisher, HopeTorture. Confirmed via twitter, TorcH comments that he is playing with Startale and that they are all insanely good and friendly.

via TorcHGaming Tweet
I'm practicing hard as part of Korean Progaming Team Startale. They are all very friendly and insanely good =)
In an official statement, TorcH thanks everyone for all their support. He does admit that he doesn't know whether he is just a practice partner or a full time member. He is confirmed as living and training in the Startale house for the rest of his next trip to Korea. He also added that they have asked him to change his ID to StartaleTorcH in Hangul.

Most recently, TorcH was knocked out of Ro64 contention in GSL Open S3, only one match away from qualifying again. Currently TorcH holds an A-class ranking within the GSL structure, one class under the S-class rank achieved by qualifying for the Ro8 in each GSL Open.

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