WDC qualifiers finished

General Ulrich “KongoTime” Hanten
While the results of the Asian Qualifiers stood firm for a few weeks already, the Chinese pre-elimination finished yesterday as well.

No big surprise on top, as EHOME managed to get the best of the competition yet again, playing their remaining two matches right after they won the Road of Kings tournament, two days ago.
Following up, are Nirvana.Cherry, RotK's runner-up Dream,as well as LGD and Nv.FrdCH on the places two, three, four and five. With four teams being tied on equal points, rule #6 of the qualifiers competition comes to pass stating:
If a tie occurs, the teams with the most wins in direct matchups head to the next stage."

Since Nv.FrdCH fell to both Dream and LGD in the rounds one and three, they had to step down. The rule became a trivialty though, due to the teams recent disbandment, making them ineligible for an attendance.

WDC - Chinese Qualifiers
1China EHOME65115
2China Nirvana.Cherry54112
3China Dream64212
4China LGD.sGty64212
5China Nv.FrdCH74312
6China Deity6246
7China Gmx7163
8China DK7163


The Asian Qualifiers finished three weeks ago and started out with a single elimination bo1 tournament grid, where 64 teams played until 8 were left.
Those came up against 8 better known teams (MCITY, Scythe, AEON.MuFc, SB, Nirvana.my, Mski and AlienwareDG, which got seeded through the first tournament) in a second bracket, again single elimination, but with best out of three matchups this time. The final four qualify for the offline event.

Grid by: sgamer.com

As the results show, just one team from grid #1 remained. Applause to xTu.PRD for this remarkable achievement, although a participation in the event seems unsure, due to a lack of sponsorship.

Undecided as well is, wether a european champion decides to set forth on the journey. The main event takes place at the Huazhong University in Wuhan from the 10th to the 14th of November this year.

UPDATE 2010.01.11 - 19:01 CET: DTS confirms participation!
As we got word from the teams manager V1lat a few minutes ago, the ukrainian powerhouse will join the best of the best in Wuhan. His Statement:
We, Team DTS.Chatrix have confirmed our VISAs and flight tickets and are going to WDC for sure

UPDATE 2010.01.11 - 22:05 CET: MYM in as well!
We asked PusheR for a statement about the latest rumors concerning MYM's participation. His words:
The rumors about our attendance are correct and we are in fact going to WDC! Our delegation will consist of DeMoN, MaNia-, MiSeRy-, Playmate and myself PusheR. Unfortunately, Lacoste and Maelk can't go, due to work, respectively school duties. The chemistry within the team is really good: There are no inside cliques, we're all fun-loving people so the social aspect of the team is not a problem. As for preparing, we're all a bit busy with school etc. so we just take some scrims/inhouses when we can! Shoutouts go to all our fans; thanks for your support!

UPDATE 2010.02.11 - 22:53 CET: NWO declines!
It appears that Puppey and co. won't be able to attend the World DotA Championship. The following announcement was taken from KuroKy's Fanpage:
NWO won't participate WDC due to personal and visa issues, I'm sorry for not being able to attend. Thanks LOVEEN for helping us, sorry we couldn't go.

Our focus is now totally set on RGC, we will do our BEST to take the title, NWO + RGC, nothing will stop us from winning, bring it!
Again, sorry, and thanks for your support, NWO FIGHTING!!

Inofficial, but also unlikely is the participation of LOST.eu, followed by rumors that Starsboba may drop out of the competition as well, due to personal reasons.

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