Intel Extreme Masters Qualifiers Round 2

General Wes “sporkbane” Dunphy
With the first qualifiers done, we move into the second round of the Intel Extreme Masters European qualifiers.

Looking forward into the championship finals, expect to see a lot of TvP match-ups, as only two Zerg players have made it through to the championship round. Six Terran players and four Protoss players will be making their way to the championships from this qualifying group. All in all the second round of qualifiers was fairly predictable, with no huge upsets to report as most of the players who will advance have been competitive either since launch, and some even in beta. However that means the Intel Extreme Masters Season 5 Championships should be exciting to watch, so keep an eye on this tournament and the championships game to follow.

IEM Europe Qualifiers Round 2
Netherlands ServaNt 3-2 Portugal Solid
Germany Cloud 3-0 Spain Ethan
UnitedKingdom DeMuslim W.O CzechRepublic h34D_hUnT3R
Russia sc2tv.MassNazGulz0-3Germany HasuObs
Bulgaria Kalin 0-3Germany Naniwan
CzechRepublic PredY 3-0Italy LoZ
Denmark FaiLo 0-3Sweden SjoW
Poland KroLu 3-1Finland Sein
Ukraine WhiteRa 3-1Netherlands NTT
Sweden jimpo 3-1Denmark ChewbroCColi

This list of players will be added to the list of players who made it from the national championships. These two groups of players will clash with each other in European Championships. Here is a list of players who will be competing in the championships from the national championships

Sweden Merz
Sweden MorroW
Germany Goody
Germany Socke
Ukraine KaS
Ukraine Dimaga
Poland Tarson
France Sarens
Russia Brat_OK
Finland Naama
Spain Sajer
Romania DeathAngel
Lithuania NBS

Note: There is still one match that has yet to be played, and another one still in progress. This article will be updated with the results of those matches when they have finished

UPDATE: Yom ThuGGy ThuG was a no-show for his match, so NBS will advance to the championship

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