6.69 is out!

General Terrence “MrBlue” Wong

Newest load screen by Kunkka

A while back IceFrog hinted that 6.69 will be released sooner than expected. Well folks the frog delivers, the latest maps is out and about.

As stated in the changelog, the newest map focuses primarily on balance issues thus no heroes or items were added. But many heroes or items were either buffed or nerfed.

One of the more notable changes to the heroes is Invoker who now gains +2 attribute depending on which orb he levels. One of the most frequent picks in 6.68c, Vengeful Spirit gets her stun rescaled. It now no longer stuns for the same duration for all levels.

Morphling also loses its ability to replicate its own illusions. We may see Razor become a more frequent pick with its static link rework and his plasma field cooldown reduced. Furion can now casts his ultimate on the minimap, it will target the nearest unit as the primary.

The most notable changes to the items is the build up of Aghanim's Scepter. It requires all three +10 attribute items as opposed to just two. Recipe removed due to the rework. Bracer, Null Talisman and Wraith Band gain +3 bonus damage and now cost 190, 170 and 150 respectively.

Hand of Midas got a slight buff, gaining a 2.5x exp when transmuting creeps. Manta Style now has two different versions, one for ranged heroes and one for melee heroes. A tanker's best friend, the Hood of Defiance now requires two Ring of Regeneration, a cloak and a Ring of Health.

Besides the usual buffs and nerfs to heroes, IceFrog never forgets to do some cosmetic changes here and there. So go in and find out what they are! Also don't forget to try and find the hidden quest as with all 6.x9 versions.

Update: IceFrog just released 6.69b as a follow-up to 6.69 with a few bug fixes.

Update 2: 6.69c out now to fix some a couple of important bugs. Download it from GetDotA.com

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