More Brood War Pro Gamers Make the Switch

General Wes “sporkbane” Dunphy
More and more Brood War players are making the switch to Starcraft 2, as another Korean team with familiar faces emerges.

While some of the top Brood War players remain loyal to their current careers, a lot of players recognize that Starcraft 2 is here to stay, and are jumping at the opportunity to learn the new game.

The most recent team to emerge is "IM," which stands for "Incredible Miracle". The team currently has five members, with ZergBong, MVP, TT, ChRh and Losira making up the current line-up.

Both Losira and ZergBong participated in the first GSL season, although both were knocked out very early in the tournament.

Many of these players have had careers in StarCraft: Brood War, although none at an S-class level. TT might mostly be remembered for being a part of the breathtaking ceremony after the third game in the Shinhan Bank Proleague final in 2008. After winning, he signed his team mate JiHyun's torso with a marker.

The team is currently looking to compete in the second season of the GSL.

Incredible Magic roster
Korea MVP
Korea ChRh
Korea Losira
Korea Zerg Bong
Korea TT

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