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The famed ceased to exist as its players switched over to Scythe Gaming, a new gaming peripherals company based in Japan.

The team will remain largely intact, as the new Scythe.Gaming will comprise of hyhy, tofu, iceiceice, roy, and with the well-known Singaporean player d4rkn3ssreborn replacing xy.

In his statement to GosuGamers, the Scythe Gaming CEO revealed that he felt the former AEON players deserved a better sponsor, better management, and greater exposure to the world. He went on to explain that Scythe Gaming would be hiring (paying) the Singaporean DotA team as employees, to increase the brand recognition of their gaming peripherals line, much like they would hire a marketing team or a development team. This employer/employee dynamic would stand in contrast to the usual sponsor/gamer relationship.

Statement from Scythe Gaming CEO:
-"I believe the players deserve better management. And with their current profiles, I feel they deserve better from the company than what they had previously. We plan to groom them better than AEON did, and give them much more exposure to the world by sending them on as many overseas trips as we can.

Scythe Gaming was formed with the manufacturing of high quality gaming keyboards and mice in mind, for those dedicated gamers out there. The former AEON players will be employed by us; so in other words, we will not be a sponsor, but rather a paying employer.

While our website is not yet finished, rest assured, the quality of our products will be in tip top condition before we ever release it. As out motto goes, We play to win!"

GosuGamers also caught up with hyhy and asked him a few questions about the new developments.

Why the switch to Scythe Gaming?
AEON wasn't going to sponsor us for the upcoming trip to ESTC Thailand and probably weren't going to sponsor us for the WDC tournament in China either. Then Jason came along, CEO of Scythe Gaming, and he offered better sponsorship terms, so we took it.

What are you plans for the team and its direction in the future?
Win the regional competitions, ADC, and so on. We'll train a little and see how far the team can go against the Chinese teams.

What are your expectations for the team?
I'm leaving the expectations to the viewers.

What are your thoughts on the new -cm mode?
The new -cm mode furthers the strategic concepts in drafting. We can expect to see smarter teams doing better this version. I'm just wondering what's gonna happen when the new heros are included in draft pool -- not looking forward to that.

Any shoutouts?
Happy gaming everyone.

Stay tuned to GosuGamers as we continue to bring you more news on Scythe.Gaming.

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