"Genius Terran" Nada takes on Starcraft 2

Posted by Eun-yong "canonpax" Park at 17 September 2010 17:12
After the announcement of Starcraft Broodwar progamer July switching to SC2, now Lee 'NaDa' Yoon Yeol follows and settles the rumours about his retirement and new beginning.

His legacy among the Starcraft community is well-known. As the first progamer to achieve a "Grand Slam", both winning the OSL and MSL title three times, NaDa will try to qualify in the next GSL tournament first without team support.

Despite the great loss his Clan WeMade FOX will have to deal with, Jun 'Midas' Sang Wook will take NaDa's role as team captain and player scout to compensate for Nada's absence. WeMade's Kim Yong Hwa believes "he (Nada) is so confident and he has a strong will, we believe that he will revive as an even bigger star."

Even though several Clans such as STARTALE, where currently July plays in, offered to recruit him, Nada will first try to qualify for the second GSL season in October, without a progame team to represent for.

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