NVIDIA KOTH: 'I lost in the most silly way possible...'

General Patrik “Raistlin” Hellstrand

The challenger leaves the hill to see the King stand tall after a rather convincing victory. Stefan "MorroW" Andersson leaves the NVIDIA GosuGamers King of the Hill on the prowl for new titles and challenges. But before he leaves the KOTH limelight, we question him on the latest results.

- I made a lot of mistakes in all the games, some micro and some macro-based. HuK had some nice timings on his attacks, and his decision making was very impressive. The last game I lost in the most silly way possible... You never want to go in to a grey fog with siege tanks not having a scout in front of your army. After that he could just seal the deal with that massive attack.

"I think it's arguably true that I'm the most all-round solid Terran player at this moment."
We've seen comments saying you two are the best in your respective races. Would you agree?

- It's a difficult question, but if you disclude Asia then I think it's arguably true that I'm the most all-round solid Terran player at this moment. There are of course a few Terrans who are up here and can do just as well as me though. I've had the most success in tournaments as of late with Terran. Personally I think HuK is the best Protoss player outside Asia, but it's a really difficult question because I don't now the PvZ, PvP scene so much. But, if I'm in a TvP then HuK is probably the one who has the best chances to beat me currently. Asian players probably have better Terrans and Protosses than me and HuK though, but that's just a guess.


What is that you have in your Terran playstyle that keeps you on top in tournaments?

- I constantly try to update my playstyle and optimize my build orders. I play a lot safer and more scout-active than most other Terrans. At the same time I'm not afraid to punish anyone over-economic with my cheese builds. Terran versus Terran is almost my best match-up which really helps now in this era of Terran.

"...but, if I'm in a TvP then HuK is probably the one who has the best chances to beat me currently"
How was it for you to adapt your StarCraft 1 playstyle to StarCraft 2, and what challenges and differences in the Terran play style occurred?

- It was very easy to adapt and transfer. Terran was the most difficult race in StarCraft 1, and in StarCraft 2 it's considered and is arguably the easier race to play. I find everything quite a lot easier. The strength of a Terran army is not as present as it was in StarCraft 1 though, and that took me a while to adapt to. Talking about Banelings strength and Colossus for example. If you had a battle in StarCraft 1 straight up, Terran was usually stronger, but in StarCraft 2 Terran wins in other ways than the core strength of the army. So that was the only harder thing I think in StarCraft 2.

What differs from the Terran style of play in StarCraft 1 and StarCraft 2?

- The Terran playstyle has changed quite a lot, because you play a lot more aggressive in Terran versus Protoss. In Terran versus Zerg it is a lot more about frontal attacks and army compositions rather than multitasking and dropping which was the best ability to have in StarCraft 1. Terran versus Terran is quite the same, it's more diverse but the main concept is the same.

We see more and more foreign players entering the Korean ground for the GSL, or move over to Germany to play in ESL events. Is this something you consider, and if, which one attracts the most?

- It would definitely be awesome to move away to become a real progamer in Korea, but I have school which I want to finish. It's a silly electricity and computer program. It's not very difficult and it should be enough to give me a decent job without going to the university. But if I go somewhere, it will be Korea.

Stay tuned for the VODs from tonight's NVIDIA GosuGamers King of the Hill series between HuK and MorroW.
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