StarCraft WCG groups announced

General Former “Guyix” Crew
flashGSI.jpgWorld Cyber Games have announced the groups for their Grand Final next month. Group D being the only group without any Korean will be the most interesting with players like: BRAT_OK, White-Ra and SEn.

WCG 2010 Grand Final will take place in Los Angeles Sep. 30, 2010 ~ Oct. 3, 2010, WCG announced the groups for the final some days ago. With the Koreans ending up in the A-C groups the group D feels like the most open one with BRAT_OK, White-Ra and SEn in the same group.

In group C we find one of the players who are favorites to win the whole tournament: Flash. He is currently ranked 1st in KeSPA's ranking.

The German Protoss player, Patrick "Infernal" Möller, has the following to say about Flash and his own chances:

- "For my groups I think Flash and the Chinese, not sure if LX or Vulture, are the favorites to win it, however I might have some slight chance to advance if I get lucky against the Chinese! Other than that I think Flash or Jaedong will win the whole thing, however its pretty much impossible to actually tell who of the two is going to win it!"

WCG 2010 Grand Final Groups
Group A Group B Group C Group D
Korea Jeadong Korea Kal Korea Flash Russia BRAT_OK
China F91 China Lx Germany iNfeRnaL Ukraine White-Ra
Poland Yayba United States USA 1st Croatia CRO 1stTaiwan SEn
Japan kurOa Mexico SMall Panama PAN 1st Japan nazomen
Russia Advokate Russia Heme China Vulture