IEM Gamescom Day 2: Results Group C

General Lasse “Enron” Engen
Dimaga and SarenS move on from group C. SarenS will be playing IdrA, and Dimaga will play DeMusliM in the quarter finals tomorrow.

IEM Gamescom - Group C
Ukraine Dimaga0-2Germany HasuObs
France SarenS2-0Spain LucifroN
Ukraine Dimaga2-1Spain LucifroN
France SarenS2-1Germany HasuObs
Spain LucifroN2-0Germany HasuObs
Ukraine Dimaga2-1France SarenS

IEM Quarter finals
Germany TLOvsSweden MorroW
United Kingdom DeMusliMvsUkraine Dimaga
France SarenSvsUnited States IdrA
Poland TarsonvsSweden MaDFroG
Lasse “Enron” Engen
I am no longer a crewmember of GosuGamers, irl got the best of me, aaaargh!