Go4SC2 #29: Dimaga vs DeMusliM in the final

General Lasse “Enron” Engen
Dimaga won the grand final, took home €200 and 100 points to the rankings of August in the 29th edition of Go4SC2 on Sunday the 15th.

After defeating DeMusliM 3-2 in the grand final, Dimaga secured both a nice sum of €200 and a spot in the GosuCup finals on Sunday, August the 15th. DeMusliM as the runner-up won himself 75 points, Jinro won 60 points after beating HasuObs in the bronze final. HasuObs added 40 points to the rankings.

Go4SC2 #29 Results
Grand final
United Kingdom DeMusliM2-3Ukraine Dimaga
Bronze final
Germany HasuObs1- 2Sweden Jinro
Semi finals
Sweden Jinro<Ukraine Dimaga
United Kingdom DeMusliM>Germany HasuObs
Round of 8
Poland Tarson<United Kingdom DeMusliM
Germany HasuObs>Germany kAra
Denmark Ciara<Sweden Jinro
France FremAN<Ukraine Dimaga
Round of 16
Poland Tarson>France Adel
Spain LucifroN<United Kingdom DeMusliM
Germany HasuObs>Russia OutSide
Germany kAra>Bulgaria OMAR
Slovakia Uhlyk<Denmark Ciara
Sweden Jinro>Russia BRAT_OK
Germany DayLighT<France FremAN
Sweden seiplo<Ukraine Dimaga

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Lasse “Enron” Engen
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