Sweden's latest - SjoW, the winner of Inferno Online

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sjow.pngJeffrey "SjoW" Brusi is a 23 years old Swede, ex WarCraft 3 player and recently won the Inferno Online StarCraft 2 cup, winning €700 and a television after beating MorroW in the final.

Jeffrey started playing StarCraft 2 late in the beta phase one, after eight years of playing WarCraft 3. He recently participated in the offline tournament in Stockholm, the Inferno Online StarCraft 2 tournament, and to everyone's surprise, he won the whole thing.

When did you realize that you were good enough to compete at big tournaments such as the Inferno Online SC2 cup and win some serious money off of it?
It was when I started beating the top players on the ladder, and I started participate in tournaments such as ZOTAC, Go4SC2, thte VikingCup, and I always improved my results there.

Did you win any other tournaments before your recent victory at Inferno Online?
No, closest one was a Viking Cup, I ended up on second place losing to Danish player chewbacca 2-3. Even if I lost, it gave me a lot of confidence and by then I knew I would be a top player if I kept playing like I did, and had the same motivation.

What are your goals for the future, will you participate in more tournaments, and what would be your StarCraft 2 dream?
My goal is to be one of the best players in the world. As far as my StarCraft 2 dream would go is to be a progamer in Korea if it would be as successful as StarCraft 1 was there. That would be awesome (smiles)

For the Inferno Online tournament, did you expect to win the whole tournament?
No not at all, I thought MorroW would win it easy because his macro holds another level than the rest. But I did think I could reach top two if I could dodge MorroW in the brackets (smiles)

Can you tell us about the Inferno Online tournament - who were your opponents, who were the toughest to face, and what made you win against MorroW?

First round was against Habit, I won against him in the qualifiers pretty easily so I was pretty confident with this match. But he had really improved since the games we played, this showed especially in the second one where he really surprised me with Brood Lords. He should have won that game, but he committed too much on Brood Lords and didn't make any Corruptors to protect them from Vikings.

Second round was against MaDFroG, before this match I knew it would be hard since we had played alot before this tourney with almost equal results. He had both games, first he made a runby with Zerglings and killed a lot of SCVs, but somehow I managed to come back, and I think it's because he lacked macro that game. Second game he made a fast expansion and then right after he expanded to the high yield minerals, and I saw this very late so I thought this game was lost, but I made a lot of drops and harassed him, came back to the game and won it. It has to be either this one, the game against Habit with exception from the final that was the hardest one.


The final round vs MorroW was the hardest. I won because he played too predictable, he made a standard Tank/Viking build with fast expansions the first two games, which I think is a really bad strategy nowadays. In the third game he won because he surprised me with a fast cloaked Banshee.

The last game he tried something else but it didn't work out, and he did a lot of mistakes which made me eventually win.

I would like to thank my sponsors, my teammates in Sharkgaming for helping me improve, and the other players.
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