ESL World Challenge

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ESL will be hosting the largest Starcraft 2 tournament to date, with a $15,000 prize pool, and coverage on EuroSport television!

The second Global Challenge of the Intel Extreme Masters is now announced to be featuring Starcraft 2 along with Quake Live. And subsequently is the largest Starcraft 2 tournament to date, with coverage from cable TV network EuroSport!

Prize Pool:
1st - $5000
2nd - $2,500
3rd - $1,400
4th - $900
5th-8th - $600
9th-12th - $400
13th-16th - $300

There are 16 spot in this tournament, 10 of which will be on an invite bases, based on beta performance from players all across the world. The other 6 spots will be decided from the top 3 players from the first two Go4SC2 cups, this Wednesday and Saturday

If you want to apply for one of these 10 invite spots, please send an email to [email protected].

Everyone participating in this titanic tournament will be walking away with at least $300 in prize money.

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