Sun Sets over SC2 Beta

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Goodbye SC2 Beta, today marks the end of the long awaited Starcraft 2 beta, as we count down less than a week before the game is in-stores

Phase two of the Starcraft 2 beta didn't see too many changes however it was a good chance for us to brush up our builds before the release for those who want to, to hit the ground running and climb the official ladder. And of course we will be waiting with bated breath to see if the official release will incorporate some of the features that the community has very vocally expressed a lot of interest for, including chat channels, and cross region play.
*The discussion and controversies.*
*Blizzard's response.*

The continuation to the greatest RTS game of all time, the game you all know as Starcraft 2 has finished beta testing and will be in stores in about a week on July 27th - when the sounds of battle will once again be heard across the Starcraft universe, and when Jim Raynor's saga will pick off where it was left off over 10 years ago.