HuK to strengthen Millenium

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 17 June 2010 15:28
Canadian StarCraft 2 player Chris "HuK" Loranger will from now on play for the French organization Millenium together with MoMaN.
- MoMaN had a huge deal to do with all this process and my reasons for joining, says HuK.


The half French Protoss player from Ontario, Canada has six tournament wins under his belt during the StarCraft 2 beta phase, one of them including the ESL-hosted Go4SC2 Cup's May Finals which earned him a sweet 500 Euros.

- "I expect from Millenium to support me in every way possible so that I can in return be the best player possible. Hopefully we will work out some really great ideas," was what the new Millenium player had to say.

He was also the bronze medalist in the second edition of TeamLiquid SC2 Invitational, which has earned him the nickname "HuK Norris" from the popular actor Chuck Norris.

Rémy "Llewellys" Chanson, team manager of Millenium.SC2, was impressed by his new player.

- "I was really enthusiastic about the variety of tactics and strategies he can offer and he has a real control of the game. His very impressive results helped me making my decision and it's with pleasure I welcome him as the second player of the Millenium StarCraft II team," said Llewellys.

Team mate Emmanuel "MoMaN" Marquez, who had a big part in signing HuK, is very happy to have HuK in the team.

- "I started to feel alone! Actually I've just got the chance to know this little Canadian player on StarCaft II while I've often been on his Ventrilo's former and warm team. HuK is an extremely good player who has a really good level. Millenium has made the right decision by recruiting him," said MoMaN.

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