The matchfixing scandal resulted in a ban for life

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The matchfixing scandal lead to permanent ban for the players involved, who will never show their face in the progaming scene ever again.

banned for life
sAviOr type-b YellOw[ArnC] ShinHwA
Luxury go.go DarkElf Hwasin
UpMaGiC By.1st Justin

Eleven players were permanently banned for life by Kespa after the matchmaking scandal. Along with not being able to play in the Korean pro-gaming scene ever again they also had all of their rewards removed; Player of the Year Reward, Proleague Player Reward, Weekly and/or monthly MVP Reward.

It has been known that nine players were involved, but the updated list gives us two new players; By.1st and ShinHwA, who also will be banned and unable to participate in any pro-gaming in the future.

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