DTS Crowned as Champion of CM Storm the Front

General Jerry “mR.Jerry-” Lee
In addition to becoming the ESWC Russian qualifier, DTS continues its winning streak by beating Nirvana.int to become the champion of CM Storm the Front

GosuGamers brings you the summary of the matches.

Game 1:

Game #1
Other Nirvana.int Ukraine DTS
Gorgon Nv.Fear (Bot)
Earthshaker Nv.Santa (Bot)
Phantom Lancer Nv.DeMoN (Mid)
Bane Elemental Nv.Azen (Top)
Keeper of the Light Nv.March (Mid)
Vengeful Spirit DTS^NS (Roaming)
Crystal Maiden DTS|Dread (Mid)
Necrolyte DTS|ArtStyle- (Mid)
Admiral Proudmoore DTS|Dendi^ (Bot)
Storm Spirit DTS)Light (Top)

Nirvana picked two extremely hard carries in the form of Phantom Lancer and Medusa. With these two heroes requiring huge amounts of farm, Nirvana opted to go for a strong solo and two strong supports to babysit and assist in the carries farming. Bane was picked as Nirvana's solo as it can easily lane against Storm Spirit especially with the ultimate, Fiend Grip. Keeper of the Light and Earthshaker completed the Nirvana.Int lineup. DTS picked hero that would do well from mid to late game, with Vengeful Spirit and Crystal Maiden being the support heroes.

Top lane was a fair game for both DTS and Nirvana as Storm and Bane faced off. Both players played aggressively, trying to gain an upper hand over the lane. However it was not so swell for DTS on the other two lanes. With PL and Kotl taking mid, Artstyle's Necrolyte was suffering and CM had to move to mid to help him which slowed down the Necrolyte levels. The Gorgon was having a rather easy time at bottom, playing it safe and controlling the lane whenever the VS would leave the lane to assist top or mid.

Phantom Lancer and Keeper of the Light controlling middle lane.

With Nirvana establishing such strong lane control, PL and Medusa were getting really farmed. Although LightofHeaven's Storm was roaming the map and successfully killing on every attempt, a 15 minutes Radiance from PL showed that it was only matter of time before PL became unstoppable. As the game dragged on, DTS carry heroes items were no match for the unbeatable survivability of Medusa with a Skadi, Manta Style and Butterfly. To top it off, PL with Heart, Radiance and BoT for mobility was the nail in coffin for DTS. Nirvana.Int took the first game without much difficulty though DTS put up a great fight.


Game 2:

Game #2
Ukraine DTS Other Nirvana.int
Doom Bringer DTS|ArtStyle- (Mid)
Pandaren Brewmaster DTS|Dread (Bot)
Sand King DTS|Dendi^ (Top)
Priestess of the Moon DTS)Light (Top)
Vengeful Spirit DTS^NS (Bot)
Tinker Nv.Fear (Mid)
Beastmaster Nv.DeMoN (Top)
Crystal Maiden Nv.March (Mid)
Shadow Fiend Nv.Azen (Bot)
Demon Witch Nv.Santa (Bot)

Both teams opted for a heavy ganking orientated lineup of heroes. DTS seemed to have a much stronger lineup on paper especially with the new Doom Bringer and Panderen Brewmaster, whose ultimate has high damage output for a short period of time. The lanes started off in a pretty standard manner. However DTS had a slight advantage over top lane with Priestess of the Moon and Sand King up against a solo Beastmaster. As the game progressed, Dread on the Panda was getting kills left right and center with the aid of a very early blink dagger.

Dread's Pandaren Brewmaster ganking around the map after obtaining dagger.

Within minutes, DTS have taken over the entire map, leaving Nirvana.Int's heroes no safe space to farm. Now, it was a matter of minutes before DTS heroes purely over-farmed Nirvana's heroes. Nirvana.Int called GG after 30 minutes realizing there was almost no hope for a comeback.


Game 3:

Game #3
Other Nirvana.int Ukraine DTS
Storm Spirit Nv.Azen (Top)
Crystal Maiden Nv.Santa (Top)
Gorgon Nv.DeMoN (Mid)
Alchemist fear.wc3 (Bot)
Enigma Nv.March (Jungle)
Priestess of the Moon DTS|Dendi^ (Top)
Vengeful Spirit DTS^NS (Top/Jungle)
Necrolyte DTS)Light (Mid)
Anti-Mage DTS|ArtStyle- (Bot)
Lich DTS|Dread (Bot)

A really nice escape from Dendi's PotM from a three man gang for firstblood was just the way to kick off the epic third match. Alchemist was struggling at the bottom lane against Lich and AM. Dread's Lich did a fantastic job in pressuring the Alchemist and gave AM a very free lane to farm. DeMoN was doing rather well on mid against Light's Necrolyte. DeMoN was always ahead on the creep score ever since the creeps spawned.

Tons of actions on top lane occurred as Enigma decided to jungle at the Scourge forest. Kills were traded back and forth as Dendi and NS did well with the three heroes from Nirvana. Nirvana took advantage of the trilane and took down the top tower quickly. Once the top tower was down, Enigma and Storm ganked the poor Necrolyte with the Medusa and then proceeded to take down mid tower.

DTS came up during the mid game, overtaking Nirvana in both hero and tower kills. The cs scores at that point were more or less even for both teams. However Dendi lagged out at 30 minutes and a reload was done from a saved game a minute ago however it was loaded on DeMoN's host which meant over 200 ping for the russians/ukrainians.

DTS still put up a good fight, getting mid-rax down, but it was noticeable that they had delay. In the big clashes, they could not get their spells off, and AM could not blink to dodge black hole or alchemist stun, so eventually Nirvana.int won the game.

Game 4:

Game #4
Ukraine DTS Other Nirvana.int
Priestess of the Moon DTS|ArtStyle- (Top)
Pandaren Brewmaster DTS|Dread (Bot)
Sand King DTS|Dendi^ (Top)
Witch Doctor DTS^NS (Bot)
Storm Spirit DTS)Light (Mid)
Drow Ranger Fear.wc3 (Top)
Shadow Fiend Nv.Azen (Mid)
Admiral Proudmoore OK|Black^ (Bot)
Vengeful Spirit Nv.Santa (Bot)
Warlock Nv.March (Top)

For some unknown reason, OK's Black replaced Demon for game 4.

Although top and middle lanes proved to be a pretty even fight, the bottom lane was completely controlled by DTS' Panda and Witch Doctor combo. VS and AP from Nirvana just couldn't overcome the paralyzing cask, maledict and thunder clap which gave both VS and Admiral a long duration of disables and high damage output. As a result of bottom's dominance by DTS, WD was able to leave the lane and roam to middle lane to assist Storm in killing SF. WD took a balance if ganking between middle lane and bottom lane and became the crucial factor in contributing DTS' controlling of early game.

First blood by DTS.

Bottom lane's dominance allows Witch Doctor to gank middle lane.

As a result, both Storm and Panda overfarmed their lane opponents and contributed in ganking with Storm's balling and Panda's early dagger. The ganks were always successful and led to furthermore dominance. In about 20 minutes, DTS was about to break all the laning towers in all the lanes while Nirvana.int could only get the first tower of top lane. At the same time, the score of 20-4 proved that DTS was clearly winning the game.

Eventually, in less than 30 minutes, DTS stomped into Nirvana's base by raxing middle lane and won the game by clearing Nirvana.int team.


Game 5:

Game #5
Other Nirvana.int Ukraine DTS
Tinker Fear.wc3 (Bot)
Priestess of the Moon Nv.Azen (Top)
Beastmaster Nv.DeMoN (Mid)
Crystal Maiden Nv.Santa (Bot)
Shadow Shaman Nv.March (Top)
Phantom Lancer DTS|ArtStyle- (Top)
Keeper of the Light DTS|Dread (Top)
Sand King DTS|Dendi^ (Bot)
Oblivion DTS^NS (Bot)
Storm Spirit DTS)Light (Mid)

DTS went into game 5 feeling good after a win from game 4. Nirvana.Int took a very early hero kill lead once Beastmaster hit level 6. Three heroes were taken down from DTS on top with DeMoN getting a much needed double kill. Nirvana had a big task of keeping PL as underfarmed as possible as they lack late game carry damage that could match PL's late game damage. With so many spellcasters in Nirvana's team, a well place nether ward from Pugna could deal massive amounts of damage in teamfights.

Beastmaster starting a gank in top lane for first blood and two more kills.

Nirvana took advantage of the early game and hence allowed themselves to get many towers. They took three towers quickly and established map control as Tinker had BoT to travel around the map. PL farmed quickly and got his Radiance and Vanguard at 22 minutes. Both teams have been trading towers with Nirvana making use of the Shadow Shaman's wards and Tinker's March of the Goblins, while DTS could rely on Pugna's Nether Blast and KotL's Illuminate.

It was only a matter of time that PL became unstoppable, and once Heart was completed on PL, he was indeed unstoppable. He could absorb huge amount of damage and quickly regenerate back to full health. After a few big team fights, it was clear that Nirvana has lost their early game advantage and soon DTS was banging on Nirvana's front door with an overfarmed PL. Three big pushes at mid, bottom and top ensured that DTS sealed the win to become champions for CM Storm.


Replays are available at the replay section. Game 3 is not available as it was a reloaded game.

Credits to MeaNy- for screencaptures and game 4 summary.

GosuGamers - Replays for CM Storm Finals
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