The SC2CL canceled this Saturday´s and Sunday´s Playday

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
The SC2CL has announced that this Saturday´s playday of the SC2CL Tournament will not take place. The same is true for tomorrow´s playday.

The reason behind this is obviously the recent instability and bad performance of the 2.0 Servers after Patch 13.
As the ability to add friends via identifier has been removed in Patch 13, a decent ability to add your game partner is missing aswell. The SC2CL describes the option given to add friends with their email or facebook account as not sufficient.
The administration of the SC2CL has announced a decision on the progress of the current tourney for the nearest future.
Obviously, no games will be streamed this weekend.

SC2CL - Host of the tourney